Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy


Delivery Boy was created to allow people to easily upload files to a web server, and then send a url to someone to allow them to download it just as easily.

Imagine that you want to send a document to someone, or to multiple people, but don't want to send it as an email attachment, either because of size restrictions, not wanting to use mail attachments, or some other reason. You login to the admin area of Delivery Boy, and upload the file. Delivery Boy then assigns that file a unique download code, and provides you a url. You can then email that url to the person, or people, in question and they can simply download it using a web browser and a single url. They don't need to know or remember any usernames or passwords.


Delivery Boy is written in Perl. You will need a web server with Perl 5. In addition to Perl, a few Perl modules are required... [more...]


Delivery Boy is configured by editing a file named deliveryboy.cfg You will be able to control things like the name of the site, the email address for admin purposes, as well as specifying what directories and urls are used.... [more...]


You will need to set up a few directories in order to use Delivery Boy... [more...]


The look and feel of Delivery Boy can be customized through the use of CSS and template files... [more...]


Delivery Boy uses the web server's built-in security, rather than relying on it's own methods to restrict access... [more...]


Can I get support for Delivery Boy?


Miscellaneous notes about Delivery Boy. [more...]


Delivery Boy is licensed using the GNU GPL. That basically means you can do as you wish with it, but if you distribute it, you must make your version available under the same license. (Or something like that...)

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